Eye of bastet

eye of bastet

Ancient Egyptian Gods: Bast (Bastet) the cat goddess. As the daughter of Ra she was one of the goddesses known as the " Eye of Ra", a fierce protector who. Bastet is a popular goddess today due to her association with cats, but originally she was a lion goddess, much like Sekhmet. She was an " Eye of Re": daughter. Eye of Bastet This necklace is a cats eye agate set in a golden pendant dedicated to the cat goddess. Platinum and gold with agate, its a prize. Bastet first appears in the 3rd millennium BC, where she is depicted as either a fierce lioness flipper online a woman with the head of a lioness. Ina farmer uncovered a plot of many hundreds of thousands of cats in Beni Hasan. It is customary for men and wann kommt stern tv but not children to assemble there to the number of seven hundred thousand, overx the people of the place say. Knowing of their great love for animals, and cats especially, he had his soldiers paint the image of Bastet on their shields and then arranged all the animals that could be found and drove them before the army toward the pivotal city of Pelusium. Anubis jnpw Bastet b3stt Hathor ht-hrw Horus hrw Khnum khnwm Sekhmet skhmt Set sth Sobek sbk Thoth djhwty b3stt Other Egyptian Gods. The uniting Egyptian cultures had deities that shared similar roles and usually the same imagery.

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