Naming aldehydes and ketones worksheet

naming aldehydes and ketones worksheet

Advanced Chemistry Quiz- Worksheet Index REPEAT QUIZ. A multiple choice QUIZ: NOMENCLATURE Questions on ALDEHYDES - KETONES. Click A-D [?]. Give the name of the compound shown below. This page may take several seconds to load fully. Questions Remaining. Topic Index | Previous Quiz | Next Quiz. ALDEHYDE / KETONE NOMENCLATURE WORKSHEET. 1. Write structural formulas of four alcohols, four ethers, two aldehydes and one ketone with chemical.


Organic Chemistry Nomenclature IUPAC Practice Review - Naming Alkanes, Alcohols, Alkenes & Alkynes

Naming aldehydes and ketones worksheet - andere

Here are some simple IUPAC rules for naming aldehydes and ketones:. The following compounds are aldehydes:. It is found in carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, hormones, and vitamins—organic compounds critical to living systems. Recent EdSurge article on the Libretexts is just out - take a look. The 3 means that the carbonyl carbon atom is C3 in this chain, and the 4 tells us that there is a methyl CH 3 group at C This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions.



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